Our Charges

Let SmartInstallmentLoans.com help you to get some cash you need quickly and hassle free. Here are our interest rates and fees details.

Typically, an installment loan will costs you from $18.5 up to $22.5 for $100.0 borrowed. Our fees are based on the loan period, your state of residence and your credit history.

All terms of the installment loan, including loan amount, repayment schedule, fees and repayment options will be disclosed to you in your e-agreement. There is no obligation to borrow the funds if you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions.

On each due date, a part of borrowed amount plus interest & fees will be automatically withdrawn from your checking account. At SmartInstallmentLoans.com we offer our customers a personalized repayment schedule. So, it’s much easier to pay back your installment loan in fixed amounts over time. You won’t have to pay back a large amount on your next payday. Our smart solution provides you with the opportunity to repay your loan step by step.

If you can’t pay back your installment loan on the due date, you may contact your lender and request a loan extension. In this case you will face additional financial fees for this option.